Ximena Xarau Pole Instructor

Ximena xarau

Pole Sport Coach / Flexibility Trainer / Barre Instructor

  • IPSF Certified Pole Coach (Level 4)

  • AUT Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified Barre Instructor

  • First Aid Certified

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Jenny Ling Onyx Fitness Instructor


Pole Sport Instructor

I began my pole journey (with Ximena as my Instructor) back in 2017. Despite being quite young (yes I'm 19 currently) I've had a lot of experience with a variety of sports and found Pole Sport to be the most challenging & gratifying. I discovered dance 7 years ago and have experience in K-pop and contemporary dance. I balance representing New Zealand in Ultimate Frisbee and being a student - but always make time for Pole. I love how there are so many styles of Pole. Whether you enjoy the dance side of it or the strength side, there's always a way for you to express yourself. Pole sport is a great way to become more confident and stronger as each day passes. I hope that I can help you find that spark in expressing yourself through Pole Sport. I’m looking forward to welcoming you to the Onyx family.

Jordyn Wright Pole Instructor


Pole Sport / Pole Art / Barre Instructor

Born and raised in Auckland, I started my dance journey at 4 years old and haven’t stopped ever since. I’ve given almost every type of dance a try, from ballet to hip hop to capoeira, rhythmic gymnastics, ballroom dancing and even highland dancing (from Scotland with the kilts and all) but I had always loved contemporary dance the most as it let me express my own unique movement style. Then in 2013 while living in Nelson, I found pole at Pole Artistry and absolutely fell in love with the sport. I’ve had a vision ever since of fusing my contemporary dance style with pole to create something completely uniquely Me and can’t wait to share it with all the students at Onyx and help them find their own dance style.


Tanya Van Zyl Onyx Instructor


Pole Sport Instructor

Since the age of 3, I was dancing - Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Jazz and Hip Hop. In 2013 I fell in love with Pole Dancing and have now been doing Pole Art for 2 years. For me, Whether I’m in a full class or training by myself, Pole has become My Happy Place. Onyx has become a sanctuary where you can feel an incredibly supportive and sacred energy, which no other place has.