My Journey...

In 2011, after living in the United States for many years, I moved back to my country of birth - Argentina. It was not an easy adjustment and this took a huge toll on my emotional health.

I was lost and needed something to bring me up, but my usual support and social networks were non-existent.  

My confidence took a huge hit.

So my mother suggested to try a Pilates class in a studio near my home. I really liked it, but after taking a few classes my trainer suddenly stopped all Pilates classes and created a Pole Studio in its place.

My Instructor invited me but I refused, thinking “that’s definitely not for me...

Despite my reservations and the obvious connotations, I convinced a Pilates friend to try Pole with me, at least until we could find a new Pilates studio.

The class was extremely difficult and definitely a challenge, but I was determined to climb the pole. I told myself that once I’d achieved that, then I’d find a Pilates studio.

After a few classes, I’d climbed the pole! And now that I was up there, I wanted to invert… Once I’d done that, THEN I’d find that Pilates studio...

The Pole Bug had bitten. I fell in love with the Sport and it became a hobby, then my life’s passion.

Pole has done wonders in my life, emotionally and physically. I used to be very self-conscious and a shy girl who was uncomfortable exposing parts of my body, but Pole has help me to evolve into a strong, confident woman. The sport gave me the physical and emotional strength to feel comfortable in my own skin and to love myself for who I am.

The sport is almost limitless in the way that there are always achievements to pursue and challenges to overcome. You are always competing against yourself.    

I’d love to share this beautiful sport with everyone, and hopefully inspire people to find themselves and to find the healing and self-discovery that comes from expressing yourself through art.  

I never did find that Pilates studio… But what I did find was my life’s passion. I also found a pole community full of beautiful and determined women.

I sincerely hope it does the same for you.











Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.
— Sara Mearns - Principal, New York City Ballet