Class Types

ONYX Fitness Studio offers a range of classes; from Pole Sport to Barre Fitness, to one-on-one Personal Training sessions, and more.

Each class is 60 minutes and you will always feel challenged.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Instructors follow a weekly syllabus incorporating turns, lifts, tricks and combinations to gain strength, flexibility and self-confidence.

If you already have some prior experience with pole, please contact our studio, so that we can recommend the best level for you.

Note: Pole shorts are necessary. Please do not wear jewelry during the class; Rings, bracelets and necklaces cause irreparable damage to the poles. Do not apply oils or lotions to the skin prior to your class. They will make you slip off the pole. 

Introduction to Pole Sport

If you have never tried pole sport before, we require that you book Introduction to Pole Sport. This Five-week program is ideal for students who have never taken a pole class. This class introduces basic pole moves, techniques, climbing the pole, sitting on the pole, and strength training while highlighting Basic Spins and Floor work.

You can start the Five-week course at any time and we offer a special ‘first visit package’ which is available by clicking here.

No matter what your body type, age or fitness level, this class is a great introduction to Pole Sport. You will walk away with the proper techniques and confidence to prepare you for our Level 1 Classes.

(Starts DeceMBER)

Pole Sport Level 1

Level 1 Pole Sport class is designed to build upon the basics you’ve learned in Introduction to Pole Sport class. This class is made for students who have been working on basic spins and climbs, and are ready to start basic pole inversions. You will continue to learn more advanced climbs, spins, and tricks while building the strength and confidence necessary for proper inversion technique. You will walk away with the proper techniques and confidence to prepare you for our Level 2 classes.

Pole Sport Level 2

This class is designed for the student who is already comfortable with Level 1 inversions, leg hangs, climbs, spin pole, and Level 1 tricks. In Level 2 the student will continue to learn more advanced climbs, spins, and Level 2 tricks while building the strength to execute more challenging holds. This class will teach conditioning for various levels and phases of the inversion and climb. Perfect for Pole Sport Level 1 students looking to move up to more advanced pole work and Pole Sport Level 3 students looking to master their technique.

Pole Sport Level 3

This class is designed for the student who is already comfortable with Level 2 inversions (both grounded and aerially), basic butterfly, extended butterfly, handspring, and spin pole. In Pole Sport Level 3 class, we will build on what you learned in Pole Sport Level 2 by bringing your training to the next level with power spins, challenging holds which involve fewer points of contact, and help you execute both dynamic and fluid aerial combinations. This class will take your skills to the next artistic level.

Pole Sport Level 4

Pole Sport Level 4 class is for advanced students with the highest level strength and flexibility tricks, intricate transitions and dynamic flows. You will attend these classes when you are completely secure in all exercises from Pole Sport Level 2 & 3. It is necessary to have a solid strength foundation and a very proficient technique to take part in these classes. There will be a strong emphasis on correct technique, acrobatic skills, fluent transitions and wholeness.

(Starts 2020)

Pole Sport Open Level

Pole Sport Open Level classes are for all levels of Pole. From Level 1 to Level 3.

Note: This class is NOT for Intro students

Pole Strength

Pole Strength is a class designed to help you condition your body and gain the strength you need so you can nail your pole goals. Whether it’s a basic invert, a butterfly, or an iron X, Pole Strength will help you get there!

ONYX Pole Doubles

Confidence builds trust and trust builds strength. So grab a buddy, book your pole, and feel yourself grow stronger every week. 

The class will work on spins, static shapes, mounts and dismounts. 

We recommend this class for those who can hold a solid pole sit, plank, and basic invert. So if you are ready to take your pole sport to the next level, this is the class for you. 

Don't have a partner? No worries, we will pair you at class.

Pole Sport: Self-Practice

We want our students to be the best they can be and to practice as often as possible, but we know from experience that finding space for a Pole or Barre at home can be a challenge - especially in Auckland! This is why we are offering times where clients are welcome to come in and use the equipment, stretch, do stretching training, or practice for a show or competition. There will be an instructor available to help you or spot you. Please be aware that your practice has to be safe for you and the people around you. Practice sessions are supervised, but we strongly encourage you to stick to exercises according to your level.



Onyx Barre

Barre incorporates the principles of ballet with small movements and small weights; combined to lengthen, loosen, sculpt and tone your body. Our barre fitness class is a simple, elegant and effective ballet-inspired workout, where we incorporate a ballet barre, plies and pirouettes into the workout. Barre classes mix the foundations of Pilates, Dance, Yoga and Functional Fitness, all set to inspiring and motivating music. Socks are required to be worn. You can wear your own, or we do stock SHASHI socks, which give you a strong grip advantage for any floor-based activity or sport; Barre, Pilates, yoga, and many more. 

Flexibility Training & Advanced Stretching

Our Flexibility Training classes teach you proper and safe techniques for those wanting to improve their flexibility, posture and relaxation. It is proven that flexibility training enhances physical fitness and body awareness. Increasing flexibility will help reduce the risk of injury to joints, muscles, and tendons. It also reduces muscle soreness and tension. Our classes are tailored for any level and there are no prerequisites - just a positive attitude.


This is a specifically designed, small-group workout session, focusing on strength, flexibility and conditioning. Programs run once a week for 6 weeks with each weekly session involving a range of high-intensity interval training exercises.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, strengthen and tone your muscles or increase your fitness or energy levels, this programme has you covered. Your Trainer will closely supervise the session and will have you doing body-weight and object exercises, stretching, running, core work, plyometrics, muscular endurance, explosive and agility routines, and so much more. No two classes are the same.

There is no early cancel. There is no late cancel. Commit to the time+day and make this YOUR weekly time to train and feed your body.

Throughout the program you will be supplied with food and nutrition support and tips.

Limited to 10 spaces, to ensure personalization, individual coaching, and maximum effectiveness.

(Starts Jan 2020 - Book NOW to secure your space.)